Tevish-Na is the capital city of the Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish.  It is a Large City with a population of around 15,000 (75% human, 7% Elf, 5% Dwarf, 3% Half-Elf, 3% Gnome, 2% Half-Orc, 2% Halfling, 3% other).

Notable PlacesEdit

  • The Holy Temple of St. Cuthbert: The city's (and region's) patron diety holds the largest temple in the city.
  • Harland's Hammer: A Dwarven Weaponsmith.
  • Noble District: The Noble district holds 57 different noble houses.
  • Diviner's Don: The Inn is a single-storey building located in the Noble's District among many exotic shops.  It was once owned by a powerful wizard and patrons sometimes experience strange and prophetic dreams. The current owner is an elf named Iara. Accomodations include many large rooms with feathered beds and elven furnature.
  • Hog's Head: Located in a busy crossroads, this three-storey timber and brick inn is common amongst visitors to the city.  Owned by a short male dwarf named Alin, accomodations include several small rooms with cots.  It was once a barracks and has many weapons and shields decorating the walls.
  • Warder's Rest: A poor inn located in the southern part of town.  It is owned by a male halfling named Warder.  Furniture is rough hewn and wooden; accomodations consist of several cots in the cellar.