Kingdom of Ulihm

The Kingdom of Ulihm is located at the northern edge of the continent.

The Kingdom of Ulihm is the northeastern region of the map. Bordered by an expanse of tundra to the north, and the Boroshian Lands to the south, The Kingdom of Ulihm is the home to most dwarves, rock gnomes, and goliaths. It also houses many humans, half-orcs, lesser drow, and some kobolds that have overcome their xenophobia.  One of the unique physical features of the land is the Claw of the World, a large island cluster that roughly looks like a humanoid hand.  Legend states that it was created when Moradin's hammer hit Amar, though priests of other religions may disagree.

Citiess, Towns, and Other Areas of InterestEdit

  • Dhin Ulihm: The capital of the kingdom is located along the Rift Mountains, nestled between the Twin Peaks of Moradin.
  • Dun Kuldir: Dun Kuldir is the northernmost city of the region and boasts a large Goliath population. Expensive and rare ores are mined here, and some denizens have taken up a living collecting and working with Blue Ice, a material unique to the region.
  • Kurn: Kurn is located near the Buffer Forest in the western part of the kingdom.  This is where most of the lumber in the region is collected, as most people don't dare disturb the forests at the World's Claw.
  • Keep Gamdor: Duke Gamdor has long ruled his keep at the other end of the mountain pass, where he and his group of knights single-handedly protected the lands from a southern invasion of sahuagin.  Currently, they now protect caravans and travelers from orcs, goblins, and drow living within the Rift Mountains.
  • Laipon: Located in the center of the World's Claw, this city is considered the Holy City of Moradin. Many of his cleric make pilgrimages here to pray.  It is a bustling metropolis that Mines coal and steel from the mountains nearby.  It also is located on very fertile soil and as such they grow many different tubers and peppers.
  • Arlin: Arlin is the port town of the world's claw. Most trade coming into and leaving the island passess through this small town.  Arlin has only two classes of people, workers and priests.  The priests ensure the trade goods make it through the city and to Laipon unharmed, while the workers tend to small farms or fish to provide for the town.
  • Olin: Olin is the sister town to Arlin, as it is a port that sends most of its boats over to Arlin.  Dhin-Ulihm's small navy is located here and any expeditions sent out to explore the other islands of the World's Claw leave from here.
  • Phreen: Phreen is a medium-sized settlement located halfway between Dhin Ulihm and Kurn. Phreen is surrounded by livestock farms keeping goats and cows, and produces much of the milk and meat eaten in the region. Phreen is the location of one of the few schools of the mind to train Psionic prodigies.